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    Roger and Jenny have been fortunate enough to be involved with a wide range of charities over the years. Their core values, future outlook and a strong belief in equality has driven them to participate in many children’s charities, as well as health and wellness initiatives for those who have come from diverse backgrounds and situations. Their love of Vancouver has driven them to support numerous community charities and their involvement with the vision industry has led to the development of Change the View, a vision charity which has delivered over one million pairs of glasses, and vitamin packs to people across the globe, including India, El Salvador, and Kenya.


    The Hardy Family Foundation was formed shortly after the sale of Coastal Contacts when Roger and Jenny were in the midst of deciding the next chapter in life. A common goal between the two was the desire to give back to a community that had been so supportive of them during their careers.

  • When life is lived with an abundance mentality, doors open and opportunities come. Magic—yes, magic—can be made.


    It’s with this vision that Roger and Jenny Hardy started the Hardy Family Foundation. After all, life’s simply too short to not go for it, and the foundation is their way to empower others to achieve great things.


    The overall goal of the Hardy Family Foundation is to give back to communities in Canada and around the globe. Roger has a strong belief in equality. This has motivated him to be highly involved in philanthropic work all his life. Roger wants to do his part to help people realize their full potential.


    As a successful entrepreneur, Roger Hardy’s professional career has been all about empowering consumers and making their lives easier. In 2000, Roger founded Coastal Contacts Inc, a startup that would quickly become the leading online retailer of eyewear. His involvement and success in the optical industry enabled him and Jenny to create Change the View, a vision charity that has donated more than one million pairs of glasses to people in need in countries around the world, like Kenya, El Salvador, and India.


    Throughout his career, Roger Hardy has been a donor and participant in many charitable organizations, such as The Red Cross, BC Children’s Hospital, Vancouver Food Bank, Vancouver Police Foundation, and Coast Mental Health Foundation. At Bishop’s University, he established the Hardy Endowment Fund to pay tuition for a student in need each year.


    When Roger sold Coastal Contacts Inc to Essilor in 2014, he and Jenny found themselves with the time and opportunity to do even more for their community and beyond. This is when the idea for the Hardy Family Foundation was born.

    From children’s charities to health and wellness initiatives to higher education, the Hardy Family Foundation is committed to helping a variety of people and industries at the local, national, and global level. Roger gets excitement from people doing exciting things—and feels everyone should have the chance to do something amazing. He believes the Hardy Family Foundation can provide the resources for many people to chase their dreams.


    As an entrepreneur who took a small startup all the way to a highly lucrative exit, Roger Hardy knows what success looks like. He’s also encountered failures, which have taught him how to overcome roadblocks and come out stronger and wiser. He brings all this expertise and experience to his philanthropic endeavors. With a never-say-die attitude and the right support, Roger believes people can truly be the best they can be. Born in Toronto, Ontario, Roger’s love for the ski slopes called him to Whistler. After snowmobiling and skiing for a while, he decided to settle down in Vancouver. He wanted to see what he could accomplish in the booming tech hub—and he never looked back.


    Today, Roger and Jenny are glad their success has enabled them to do great things for others. The Hardy Family Foundation is their biggest philanthropic mission yet.


  • "We founded the Hardy Family Foundation with the hope of giving back to our family, community and our country by living with an abundance mentality."

  • Change the View

    In 2011, Jenny Hardy started a charity "Change the View" with support from her employer Coastal.com. The charity donates eyeglasses to people in need across the globe. To date, more than 1 million pairs of eyeglasses have been donated around the world.

    The Toronto Foundation for Student Success (TFSS)

    During his time at Coastal Contacts, Roger partnered with TFSS and has donated over 5,000 pairs of glasses to students in need across Toronto, On.

    Coast Mental Health Foundation - Courage To Come Back Awards

    Roger and Jenny Hardy participated as both donors and panelists for Coast Mental Health Foundation's Courage to Come Back Awards, chaired by Lorne R. Segal, O.B.C., D.Litt. (Hon.)

    Bishop's University - The Hardy Endowment Fund

    Established to help pay the tuition for a student in need each year. "The scholarship was a way to help other students who may be a little tight on cash, like I was when I was in school, and trying to balance work and school life. If the scholarship helps them focus on school and complete their year that’s ideal." - Roger Hardy

    Bishop's University - The Robson Rugby Fund

    The fund provides funding for the men's rugby program through coaching, scholarships, and bursaries, travel, uniforms, and equipment.

  • Charities Roger and Jenny has had the pleasure of being a part:

    Canuck Place Children's Hospice

    Gift of Time Gala

    BC Children's Hospital

    The Crystal Ball

    University of British Columbia

    University Singers Trust

    West Point Grey Academy Gala

    Supporting education initiatives and expanded learning facilities

    Vancouver Police Foundation

    VPF Night Patrol Gala